Reserved parking

The City of Fremantle offers unique solutions for various parking needs, whether it be reserving one or multiple bays for a special occasion or undertaking works, or receiving a permit to be exempt from time and paid parking restrictions. Reserved Bay applications apply to regular and Loading Zone bays, and do not include No Stopping/Parking areas, bays designated for authorised officers or special class vehicles and bus zones. 

Use the Reserved parking online form to apply.

Reserved Bay Parking Permit 

  • Please allow 1 business day for processing.
  • Up to 10 traffic cones (2 per bay) at no additional charge.
  • Cones can be placed between 8.00 am and 10.00 pm
  • Parking permits and reserved bays are only available for normal parking bays. Does not include Taxi Bays,Tour coach/bus bays or loading zones. Refer to the Parking Services Co-ordinator for more details.
  • Please attach a map of the specific bays to be reserved.

$57.40 per bay per day

Permit only

  • Permits can be issued for specific streets and car parks.
  • Does not guarantee availability of bays on the day.
  • Allows for time and paid parking exemption with permit displayed.

$22.90 per bay per day

Loading Bay

  • Please allow 2 business day for approval
  • Permit allows a non-commercial vehicle to park in a loading zone
  • Time limits still apply 

$11.70 per vehicle

Loading Zone for Service and Commercial Vehicles

  • Allows for service vehicles and commercial vehicles to park in Loading Zone
  • Allows exemption from time restrictions

$115.30 per vehicle per day

Reserved parking online form - for online applications

Or please fill out one of the following forms and forward it to

Reserved bay PDF

Reserved bay Word

Reserved Bay Fee Schedule