Public amenities

South Beach public toiletsFREbytes free WiFi

FREBytes, a free wireless internet (WiFi) service provided by the City of Fremantle can be accessed at the following public areas.

  • Cappuccino Strip and Market St Piazza
  • Moore's building
  • Fremantle Arts Centre
  • Esplanade Youth Plaza
  • The Meeting Place

Some cafes, restaurants and accommodation venues also offer free wifi to their customers (often password protected), with several internet cafes also located in the city.

Free wifi for cruise passengers is available at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal.

Public toilets

***Please note - public toilets at William Street Fremantle are now closed to make way for the redevelopment of Kings Square.  Temporary toilets are located next to the Fremantle Visitor Centre which operates out of the Fremantle Town Hall***

The location of all toilet facilities in Fremantle (including disabled toilets) can be found through the National Toilet Map website. Parenting facilities are available at most locations.

 For a list of accessible toilets for people with disabilities click here.

Drinking water facilities

Fremantle has many free, drinking water fountains at all major visitor precincts and ProAcqua water machines available in Kings Square and the Esplanade Reserve.

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