Waste and recycling


Find out everything you need to know about waste and recycling in the City of Fremantle. Click on the links below to go to the page:

Residential bins – organic and recycling

Find out how about your residential bins service for household waste, including bin collection days, what goes in the bins, reporting a missed bin service, and requesting bin repairs or replacement.

Hazardous household waste

Find out about household hazardous waste disposal, including asbestos, batteries, chemicals, gas bottles, globes, oil, paint, pesticides and more.

Residential bulk junk and white goods

Find out about disposal of residential bulk junk and whitegoods, including verge collections, junk-drop off service and waste collection for seniors.

Residential bulk green waste

Find out about disposal of bulk residential green waste, including verge collections and guidelines, disposal of additional green waste and processing.

Commercial waste disposal

Find out about commercial waste disposal, including requesting a commercial bin service, and disposal of bulk (green and junk) and hazardous waste.

Recycling centre and stations

Let’s work together to reduce waste by recycling wherever possible. Find out about the Fremantle Recycling Centre and recycling stations located across the City.

Asbestos drop-off day

City of Fremantle residents can dispose of domestic quantities (up to 165kg) of asbestos at a free drop-off day at the car park adjacent to the Fremantle Recycling Centre on Sunday 9 December.

Composting and worm farming

Composting your organic waste helps the planet and nourishes your garden. Order your subsidised compost bin and worm farm here.

Street and bus shelter cleaning

Find out about the City’s street sweeping and bus shelter cleaning services. You can also report an issue here.

Former South Fremantle landfill site

Find out about the former South Fremantle landfill site, including contamination management, zoning and proposals currently being investigated.