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Weekly works updates


Week 12 - 21 November to 27 November

This week saw the arrival of the crane to allow contractors to install the roof sheeting on the carpark side of the structure.


Week 10 - 7 November to 13 November

Contractors commenced installing some roof sheeting on the Western Section of the structure. From the 14th there will be some cladding installed on this section also, with main roofing installation commencing next week.


Week 8 to 9 - 24 October to 6 November

Painting continues on the structure, with the Carpark side nearing completion.


Week 5 to 7 - 3 October to 23 October

Contractors have commenced priming and painting of the steel pavilion within the area of the scaffolding, starting from the Western Side. They will progress East and following the contractors tasked with preparing the steel work.

New lighting fixtures will be installed as the painting is completed in each section.


Week 4 - 26 September to 2 October

Contractors commenced preparation of the steel work by scrapping and removing rust, removing redundant features in preparation for rust proofing and painting works.

Week 3 - 19 September to 25 September

This week saw the completion of the first stages of the scaffold installation on the Western Side of the 25m Pavillion. This will allow contractors to commence the metal work preparation and painting on this section of the structure over the coming weeks, before progressing to east to the next section.

Week 2 - 12 September to 18 September

This week the roof Contractor, ICS Australia mobilised on site and commenced their setup works. This involved erecting temporary fencing around the site, installation of a walkway over the changeroom entrances, building of scaffolding within the pool area and removal of the old cafe blinds around the structure.

Week 1 - 5 September to 11 September

This week FLC staff began emptying the 25m and Leisure pools in preparation for Contractors mobilising on site for Monday 12 September. 




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