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3 May
Anger Management for Men - 8 week course

Because ‘anger’ is an unacceptable emotion for many, most of us have not been taught the skills to manage it. This course is based on the belief that anger can be our greatest ally- that the power we derive from acknowledging and verbalising our anger appropriately enables us to improve our lives.
This eight-week course aims to:
• highlight the five fundamentals of anger and its physical and personal costs and look at myths around anger
• identify patterns around anger and inappropriate and ineffective ways of expressing anger
• stress the importance of emotions and need to acknowledge our own and those of others
• identify personal needs and rights and responsibilities, core values and core hurts
• differentiate between aggressive, submissive and assertive attitudes and subsequent behaviours
• highlight links between anger and fear
• teach skills to bring anger to healthy resolution - to change what can be changed and to let go of what cannot
• teach how to deal with other people’s anger and look at the futility of blame, the necessity for forgiveness, and the need to let go when appropriate.

Venue - Relationships Australia,1 Ord Street, Fremantle

Wednesdays 3 May to 21 June 2017
Time: 6.30- 9 pm
Fee: $130.00
Places are limited so please phone 6164 0200 to enrol.


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