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18 January
BMX - Esplanade Youth Plaza – 18 Jan 2022:

Thanks to the City of Fremantle. Freestyle Now will be conducting FREE BMX coaching sessions at the Esplanade Youth plaza (Freo skatepark).

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Thanks to the City of Fremantle.

Freestyle Now will be conducting FREE BMX coaching session at the Esplanade Youth plaza (Freo skatepark).

Session 1 - Tuesday 18th January 5pm - 6pm

Parent information session - 6:10pm - 6:20pm

Session 2 - Tuesday 18th January 6:30pm - 7:30pm

The workshop sessions would be open to any participant over the age of 6.

Freestyle Now squad members would be present to offer participants technical advice, trick tips, skill development and skatepark etiquette.

Each coaching workshop session is 60 minutes long with a 10 minute parent information session conducted at between sessions to help educate parents on skatepark etiquette, understanding of BMX bikes, and safety issues. If you are in the second session be sure to arrive early to catch this important information.

Our facilitators analyze the participants skill level and work from that base and assist with confidence building. Skills can be taught but confidence cannot. It is important to not only just focus on skill building but confidence as well. By using their own skill base as a stepping stone we are able to help them advance. Our instructors speak the participant’s language and speak on their level. Our instructors relay this safety message to our participants and reiterate the importance of helmets and how they can minimize injuries.

All participants would need their own equipment and would also be required to wear a helmet and closed in shoes. Participants with defective bicycles may not be able to participate. Our facilitators may not be able to make repairs to participants bicycles during the coaching session.

Participants under the age of 6 will be taken on their ability to understand and follow instructions and to control their apparatus.

Key points

• Participants must be wearing a helmet

• Please remember to bring some water and wear sunscreen

• Participants must be over the age of 6

• Parents must stay on site if their child is under 12

• Please fill out the form on the day. 

Freestyle Now coaching workshops are fun, informative and motivational.

The squad members let the participants ride at their own level and encourage progression.

All our instructors are very easy going and relate to the participants well. Our workshops cover all aspects of the sports, as well as equipment maintenance and personal safety issues.

Freestyle Now hosts many coaching workshop sessions throughout the year for various local governments, community organizations and private companies.

Freestyle Now also can offer private individualised coaching lessons.

FREE - Book required - BMX coaching workshop session - 18th Jan 2022

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