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White Gum Valley


White Gum Valley


  • Sullivan Hall (garden pictured)
  • WGV - WA's first One Planet Community
  • White Gum Valley Community Orchard


White Gum Valley Primary School, Hazel Orme Community Kindergarten

Quick stats

Information is based on 2016 census data unless otherwise stated:

Population: 2,960 (source: Reiwa, 2020)
Number of private dwellings:1,382
Average people per household: 2.3
Median weekly household income: $1,550
Median monthly mortgage repayments: $2,167
Median weekly rent: $320
Average motor vehicles per dwelling: 1.6

Age composition

The median age of people in White Gum Valley was 41 years. Children aged 0–14 years made up 18.6% of the population and people aged 65 years and over made up 14.8% of the population.


The most common ancestries in White Gum Valley (State Suburbs) were English 27.9%, Australian 20.6%, Irish 8.9%, Italian 8.6% and Scottish 8.5%.

In White Gum Valley, 62.5% of people were born in Australia. The most common countries of birth were England 7.6%, Italy 5.2%, New Zealand 2.4%, Scotland 1.1% and Ireland 1.1%.


In White Gum Valley, 76.9% of people only spoke English at home. Other languages spoken at home included Italian 7.1%, French 1.2%, Japanese 1.1%, Portuguese 1.0% and German 0.9%.


1,537 people reported being in the labour force in the week before Census night. Of these 54.3% were employed full time, 34.0% were employed part-time and 7.0% were unemployed.


The most common occupations in White Gum Valley included Professionals 33.7%, Managers 13.8%, Technicians and Trades Workers 13.6%, Clerical and Administrative Workers 11.5%, and Community and Personal Service Workers 9.7%.

Household composition

Of the 1,155 households in White Gum Valley, 63.7% were family households, 31.5% were single person households and 4.8% were group households.


Of the families in White Gum Valley, 44.9% were couple families with children, 36.9% were couple families without children and 16.7% were one parent families.

Precinct groups

Interested in being a voice for your community? Join the White Gum Valley precinct group!  

Visit the precinct groups page to get involved or to see the latest agendas and minutes. 

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