Youth Advisory Council

Fremantle’s Youth Advisory Council (aka SWITCH) is the largest of its kind in Western Australia, with over 40 passionate members between the ages of 12 and 24 who are connected to Fremantle in some way. The Fremantle YAC draws on the diverse backgrounds of its members to foster change in Fremantle, through events as well as making sure that youth voice is heard in the community, businesses and youth agencies, including Fremantle Council.

What is the SWITCH?

The YAC is made up of the SWITCH and the YAC11.

The YAC11 is an elected executive which works with all members to develop and implement ideas and projects. The YAC11 draws on the skills within the broader SWITCH, which is comprised of all members. Only the YAC11 is elected. The YAC11's role is to ensure activities run smoothly, while developing the skills of members.

The SWITCH serves as a method through which the YAC11 can be kept accountable, extends the YAC’s reach into the Fremantle community, and provides a pool of ideas from which the YAC11 can draw from.

While still in its infancy, the YAC has already made significant progress, including coordinating events connected to Mental Health Week, working with the Business Improvement District to ensure Fremantle’s youth are adequately represented, and lobbying state government departments to make decisions that better serve the youth of Fremantle.

Photos credit: a SWITCHer founder of 2017. Reserved rights.

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