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Capacity building Program - Request for Information

The City of Fremantle is seeking suitable organisations, or individuals, who can prepare and deliver a variety of support based initiatives with the aim to provide local Fremantle businesses with the opportunity to increase business based skills and capacity.

It is intended that the program will run from January to June 2019 and be targeted at retail and hospitality businesses. Subject to funding and a positive evaluation of the initial six months, the program may be extended into 2019-20 and be broadened to other industries such as the services sector.

The Request for Information process will enable the City of Fremantle to scope the programs and services that are available in the market and determine a suitable approach to coordinating an overarching business capacity building program. This information will likely inform a Request for Quotes process that will be tailored to suit the City’s specific requirements.

It is anticipated that this program will be delivered across a variety of formats and be tailored to the specific needs of each of the participating businesses.

Advice should concentrate on identifying and addressing immediate challenges in the day-to-day running of small businesses and propose ways to implement potential solutions. Ongoing monitoring of progress is also important as demonstrating growth and capacity outcomes for individual businesses is a core objective.

The Request for Information document is available for download here

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