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Bike safety


How to keep your bike safe

Using a good quality lock is always the best way to keep your bike safe. Cable and chain locks might seem tough but they are actually fairly easy to break. The reality is if it’s not D–locked, it’s not locked.

A D-lock provides the best protection for all bikes, but only when it is used correctly.

 A D-lock should be used to lock your front wheel and the bike frame to the U-rail on the bike rack. Never lock just your wheels or just the frame.

Lock your bike in a well-lit visible area.

Remember to also secure any accessories such as helmets and lights – or take them with you.

Register your bike

Take a photo of your bike and serial number and register your ownership on the Bike Linc website

Report stolen bikes

If your bike has been stolen, please report to Police on 131 444 or visit the police website

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