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Towards zero carbon

Carbon neutrality

In 2009 the City of Fremantle became the first carbon-neutral local government in Western Australia. The City currently maintains self-assessed carbon neutral status for its operations through the purchase of accredited local and international offsets in addition to an ongoing program of emissions reductions.

Energy efficiency 

  • New City buildings built to a high environmental standard 
  • Advocacy to state government to improve planning and finance mechanisms to make buildings energy efficient  
  • Installing LED lights in City car parks
  • Installation of the Cogen system for heating pools at the Fremantle Leisure Centre.

Renewable energy

  • Installing solar PV systems on council buildings 
  • Working towards powering the City’s buildings with 100% renewable electricity by 2025.

Council vehicles

The City of Fremantle has a fleet of vehicles consisting of both heavy fleet (trucks) and light fleet (cars). In pursuit of reducing its emissions in this area, the City is:

  • Reviewing fleet policy to provide a pathway to upgrade to low-emissions vehicles
  • Running trials for electric vehicles including scooter sharing for staff and electric rubbish trucks
  • Creating a fleet upgrade strategy including emission reduction options.

South Fremantle Solar Farm

The South Fremantle Solar farm concept grew out of investigation by the City of Fremantle into potential uses for the former South Fremantle landfill site that have been ongoing since 1985. Due to its history, the site has high levels of contamination which greatly limit public access and what can be done with the site. In 2013, the Council resolved to investigate the possibility of development a solar farm on the site, and so called for expressions of interest.

Since that time, various parties have expressed interest in pursuing the development of a solar farm, environmental approvals have been sought and acquired, and a business plan approved. Negotiations for the development of the solar farm and subsequent sale of electricity produced from it to the City of Fremantle are ongoing.

For detailed and up-to-date information regarding the community engagement, approvals and business plan processes, please refer to My Say Freo.

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