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One Planet Living®

One Planet Living®

One Planet Living® is a vision for a sustainable world where people lead healthy, happy lives within their fair share of the earth's resources.

One Planet Living is a framework created by Bioregional and developed together with WWF. It comprises ten intuitive One Planet Living principles that can be used by anyone – personally and professionally – to imagine, plan, do, and communicate about sustainability. The principles can be used to deliver and communicate sustainability for organisations, cities and developments.

The City is using the One Planet Living framework created by Bioregional – find out more at These can be used to guide the City’s operations and how it can work with businesses and the community.


One Planet Living in Fremantle

The City of Fremantle has used the One Planet Living as a framework since 2014. The One Planet Living provides a platform to engage with internal and external partners to work together towards a sustainable future. It sets the agenda for sustainability throughout the organisational activities and services and is used to track progress in delivering sustainability outcomes.

One Planet Living outlines 10 principles covering social, environmental and economic sustainability in a comprehensive framework. Each principle has desired outcomes to plan, deliver and communicate sustainability. The focus on outcomes is critical in driving management plans, ensuring that benefits and impacts are considered.

One Planet Living Principles


One Planet Living Action Plan 2020-2025

The One Planet Action Plan 2020-25 outlines the actions being pursued under the ten principles. This Action Plan has been endorsed by Bioregional. Importantly, the Action Plan connects to the City’s Strategic Community Plan (SCP) aligning its principles and outcomes directly or indirectly to the goals and objectives in the SCP. The City can use this as a platform for engagement with internal and external partners, inspiring the whole city to participate actively in creating a sustainable future.


One Planet Living Annual Reports

Reports are prepared each year demonstrating our progress in implementing management actions, programs and initiatives. The reports highlight key projects contributing to better outcomes for the city and tracks targets and delivery in a tabled summary of actions. This process provides the opportunity to continuously improve our operations and further embed sustainability across the organisation - celebrating successes and identifying areas that need further resources.

For further information, read our previous Annual Reports:

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