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Paying for parking

PayStay (mobile phone app)

The easiest and most convenient way to pay for parking in City-owned carparks in Fremantle is via the PayStay app.

PayStay allows you to use your mobile phone to pay for the parking time that you actually use. It’s as easy as pressing ‘start’ when you arrive and ‘stop’ on the app when you leave.

PayStay is available for download through Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play. Click here to learn how to set up and use the app or watch the explainer video:

The Cellopark app is no longer active for Fremantle and cannot be used to pay for parking.

Ticket machines

Instructions on how to purchase a ticket are indicated on the parking machines nearest to your parking area. All of our machines accept cash, credit card and PayStay payment.

 In case of machine fault, please follow the instructions on the machine.

A ticket must be displayed on the dash board, in a way that it can be read by an authorised officer. Failure to display a valid ticket may incur a penalty and may not be withdrawn upon a valid ticket being produced during the appeal process. A ticket is not required to be displayed when using PayStay payment.

Reporting a broken ticket machine

Contact the customer service centre on 1300 MYFREO (1300 693 736) with the details of the ticket machine number, the problem, your car registration, colour and make, and the location. They will inform our technical services team and advise them of the problem.

Car park fee schedule

Download the 2022/23 schedule

Avoiding infringements

Please follow instructions on parking signs, ticket machines and by authorised officers. Parking Local Law ensures that we can all travel safely and enjoy the facilities in the City.

Make sure you do not park:

  • On footpaths, whether it is your car or your motorbike
  • In front of driveways, right of way sections, garages and such
  • In any area designated for authorised vehicles, reserved by Fremantle officers, emergency and special service vehicles
  • In bus and taxi zones
  • Within 10 metres of an intersection, or 20 metres of a traffic light controlled intersection
  • In any area that is signed ‘No stopping’ or ‘No Parking’.

View the infringement appeal page to lodge an appeal.




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